Bon Voyage! Part I

Students Trip to jaiput

Hi Everyone! We are the little Dudes & Dolls from Grade II. As a part of our project “Bon Voyage” we are going on a Trip to Jaipur to learn about the whats and hows of travel.


At first, let’s understand What is Travel?


Travel is a small break to explore, go for a holiday.


Also, travel is about going to unseen places and knowing about them.


We go travelling to learn about various cultures, see historical places like statues, forts and monuments.


Also, we travel to have fun, to shop around and enjoy activities.


We, the students of Grade II, under the project “Bon Voyage” choose Jaipur as our preferred destination as the location, weather and the time suit our needs. Along with the same, we were quite excited about the culture food and history of Rajasthan.


We are extremely excited about the trip as we would get a chance to hang out with our friends and teachers. While we were researching, we realized that Jaipur’s culture, cuisine and historical places are mind blowing. We are all ready for a wonderful experience .


Stay tuned for more updates! Bon Voyage!

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