Our Experiences from The Trip to Jaipur


We went to Jaipur to explore many things. We visited the zoo, we got to see the ostriches who had funny names. We also visited the beautiful City Palace Museum to witness the history of Rajasthan and the kingdoms. We also went to the Amer Fort and we got to learn about the Heritage of Rajasthan and evolution in the infrastructure. We also passed by Rana Pratap’s horse, Chetak in the fort. I am so happy that we got this chance to gain this firsthand knowledge by going to this trip.



We started our journey at 6:30 am from school and reached at 12:30 pm. We took 6 hours to reach the destination, Chokhidhani resort, Jaipur. It was a 5-star resort and was amazing. We were amazed to see our beautiful rooms. We visited several places like the zoo, Amer Fort, Jal Mahal, City Palace Museum, Hava Mahal and Sheesh Mahal. By visiting these places we got to learn the rich history of Rajasthan. We also went to a fair at ChokiDhani where we danced, watched a puppet show, played on swings, rode on a horse cart, visited a tunnel and finally rode on a horse cart.



We had planned a trip to ChokhiDhani. After reaching the resort we explored the resort and greatly to our surprise it was so beautiful than we had imagined it to be. After getting the rooms we quickly got changed in our outdoor clothes. We visited the Hawa Mahal and City palace and headed to have the lunch.Then we headed back to the resort and there was a fair  in the evening at the same resort were we were staying .We went on a tree house, danced and watched a puppet show. We had our dinner at the same fair. Next day, we got up early, got ready  for the breakfast at a multi cuisine buffet at the chokidhani itself and we got to see how waffles are made. After enjoying our meals, we sat in the traveler to see  the  zoo ,Jal Mahal and Amer fort and after after enjoying all the places we headed back to our school.



Our trip to ChokiDhani was really good and we enjoyed a lot. This was my first experience to travel with school. At the resort, we were allotted different rooms and we enjoyed sleeping together with my three friends. We also ejoyed having all the meals together .I loved the trip as we went with our friends. We went to different places like city palace museum where we learnt about the Kings and Queens and we also visited the Jaipur zoo and we saw the Bahubali and the Devsena Ostrich which were named after the characters of the movie ‘Bahubali’ as they were strong and furious. After the zoo we stopped by the Jal Mahal, it was beautiful and many people had come to see it because of its beauty and serenity. We also went to a fair we enjoyed the ‘dangal’  that happened between our school boys and a performer. He also taught us a few tips and tricks to perform Dangal. One must visit Jaipur, the Pink city .



We went to ChokhiDhani on a traveler bus. We hade our meals at many types of restaurant, I liked the food at the ethnic restaurant at ChokhiDhani. It was the traditional Rajasthani Food. We went to Jal Mahal, HawaMahal, Amer Fort and City palace museum and Of course, Jaipur Zoo, and the fair liked the Amer Fort and the city palace the most. I really enjoyed listening and looking at the history of the Amer Fort and the King, Man Singh. I really liked the weapon gallery in the museums which had weapons like shields, armors, guns, and swords. It was too much fun to see them. Oh! In the fair, I and my friends wrestled with a wrestler and I was almost going to win. I am always going to cherish the memories of this trip.



I loved the trip to Jaipur, it was filled with knowledge building and fun. I liked the food which we had on the trip. I liked the fair which went that was organized in the same resort where we were staying, ChokhiDhani Resort. I liked everything about the place. I was happy that I had taken everything required for the trip with me. Out of all the places, we visited I liked Jal Mahal the most. If given a chance I really want to visit it once again with the school. The destination was far away from our city and it took 6 hours to reach Jaipur. We went to HawaMahl, City Palace, Amer Fort, and the Jaipur zoo. On the way back to school we wrote the reflection about the trip in the booklets and reached school at 9:00 pm. I really enjoyed the trip.


Aarush Bhatia

Our ChokhiDhani trip was really good and memorable as we visited many places like City Palace museum, Jaipur zoo,  Jal Mahal and so many other places. At the city palace museum, we got to see the weapons which belonged to the Kings and armies from the history of our country. We also got to experience going to a tree house and enjoying it. We had food from various cuisines at various places. As I was the first time away from my parents so I missed my parents also but learned how to be independent. Overall it was a very good experience for me.



It was too much fun going to Jaipur. My most favorite part of traveling Jaipur was visiting the Zoo where I saw the beautiful ostriches who had special names as Devsena and Bahubali. We thoroughly enjoyed witnessing those ostriches. We got to taste the Traditional Rajasthani food at ChokhiDhani fair, it tasted delicious but a bit spicy as they use real spices of India. Through the whole journey, we learned the culture, heritage, and traditions of the state Rajasthan.



We started at 6:50 am and we reached at 12:50 pm at Jaipur, ChokhiDhani resort. On the way to Jaipur, we had the breakfast at a food joint. When we reached, we were all very happy to see the resort. I really liked the resort it was constructed in the form of a village to give it an authentic Rajasthani look. We went to the zoo, Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, and museum. We saw peacock, peahen, ostrich, alligator and many other animals at the zoo. I really loved the traditional food of Rajasthan which we had at the ChokhiDhani fair. They served us a variety of dishes. Next day, we had the breakfast and I loved having the donuts and the strawberry milkshake the most. On the way back to the school we wrote the reflections about our journey to Jaipur.



I had a lot of fun at ChokhiDhani. We enjoyed the bus journey to Jaipur by playing games with each other. After reaching Jaipur we had pizzas and because I love pizzas I was very happy. We went to the city palace museum and experienced many things. We observed the whole palace and got to know about many historical objects. I really enjoyed going to the fare to experience the Dangal and the puppet show the most.



I loved the visit to the Pink city–Jaipur. We experienced the different types of food during our journey. I enjoyed a lot especially going to the zoo. We went to the City Palace museum and my favorite is the weapons gallery. We went to the Amer fort and it was a huge structure where we saw so many artifacts. It was a great learning experience for all of us.


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