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Welcome to Dudes & Dolls

Thank you very much for your interest to know more about Dudes & Dolls, The Cosmic School. In this prospectus we have tried to squeeze in as much information as we can and we hope that it helps you to make the right choice for your child. Everything about Dudes & Dolls, The Cosmic School is truly fascinating - from the aesthetics of the infrastructure, to the facilities, methodology, curriculum, environment and a powerful and dedicated team of teachers and caregivers.

Our Curriculum & Approach

At Dudes & Dolls we offer a challenging curriculum which is child centered, inquiry based developmentally appropriate, creative and cross curricular. We ensure that children acquire firsthand knowledge through real life experiences and environment. Lessons are imparted on individual, group, and whole class basis depending on the appropriateness of the lesson. Our curriculum and approach helps developing the attitude, understanding and skills for life. We offer opportunities for experiential and hands-on-learning and foster love for learning. The curriculum develops their Personal, Social, Emotional and Intellectual Self and prepares them for life.

Me & Mom

Parents are the first teachers of a child especially the mother who plays the most important role in the life of a child. A mother is a friend, a guide, a supporter of the child and in order to further strengthen the bond between the mother and child “Dudes n Dolls “ has introduced a unique program ‘Me & Mom’ where in the mothers accompany their children to the classroom and get the opportunities to witness and participate in their development. The program enlightens and educates mothers to create a similar environment at home to harness the energies of their child in a positive manner.

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Pre School

We understand that children at this stage are emerging from a somatic phase of development, where gaining mastery over their physical bodies is crucially important. Hence we follow Montessori Method for their holistic development.
Montessori Method
We follow Montessori Method of education for children aged 15 months to six years.The Montessori curriculum includes: Practical Life Exercises, Language, Sensorial Development, Mathematics, Culture, Art and Music.
Theory of Multiple Intelligences
According to Multiple Intelligence Theory there are eight intelligences present in all human beings i.e. linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, naturalist, interpersonal, & intrapersonal.

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Primary School

At the end of the Pre-school stage children move on into the primary wing. At this stage we follow the CBSE pattern and adopt progressive methods of teaching. We facilitate learning through concrete experiences, exploration and discovery, investigation and help children to be the ‘Constructors’ of their own knowledge. At this stage it is our aim that children are proficient at Language, Communication, Numbers and Calculations, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Social Sciences, Art, Drama, Sports etc. and hence developing their overall personalities.

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Beyond Academics

From imbibing the values of our culture to keeping them updated with the modern pace of new era, we have deliberately designed our curriculum that will ensure an overall growth of your child. We make sure to keep the learning as a fun activity for them so they can always grasp knowledge in their own way and with their own pace. At Dudes and Dolls, we promote a rich environment with rhymes, songs, dance, musical games, language, body movement and instruments encouraging their overall development as music and dance are fundamental to human nature and are rudimentary forms of independent and cultural expression.

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Activity Zone

Apart from following Montessori method as a guiding philosophy, the school strongly believes in the theory of Multiple Intelligence by Howard Gardner. We believe that children are born with different intelligences namely musical, bodily-kinesthetic, spatial, naturalist, interpersonal, and intrapersonal and not just with linguistic and mathematical intelligences which is a common perception. By broadening our view of intelligence we understand that each child is unique and possesses unique talents .To discover their strengths, talents and to foster intelligence we apply the MI theory in learning contexts

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Our Technology

In order to make classroom learning more exciting and interesting for the students, all classrooms have 65” Interactive LCD’s to provide a multi sensorial environment to young minds for the learning to be everlasting. As citizens of a rapidly changing and dynamic world, each child must have the capability to explore new things without hesitation, we provide them with a personal i pad’ to develop their comfort with technology. The classrooms are equipped with Montessori materials and other latest educational tools for the Gross and fine motor development, cognitive, social, spiritual and creative development.

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Our Facilities

Healthy Meals
The school serves a wide range of high quality meals, which are planned to provide a balanced and healthy diet with a choice of food every day. The monthly meal plan is prepared by Master Chef Kunal Kapur in consultation with a qualified dietician. The food is made in the most hygienic ultra modern kitchen by our qualified chef. Presentation of food in an interesting manner is equally important to us to make children relish their meals.
The school facilitates safe and secure transport facility. The school has a fleet of most modern AC cabs adhering to all government norms. The drivers are qualified and verified by the concerned government departments. Care takers accompany children on their journey to and from school.

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Safety & Security

We have explored the ultimate in child security. The whole school campus is vigilant by CCTVs. To ensure their safety children are handed over only to the authorized persons who are given a unique password. To collect the child the authorized person has to feed the password which is moderated with the photograph of the person picking up the child. We keep the records of the persons collecting the child with date and time. Biometric cards are issued to the parents of the ‘Walker’ children.

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