Bon Voyage! Part II

Hello everyone, we are back with the 2nd phase of our blog, Bon Voyage Part II.


We’re so excited! And today, we decided how exactly we are going to travel from our school campus to Jaipur. We have chosen the bus, as we will reach quickly; say in 6 to 7 hours. Traveling by bus will not be too expensive either and thus, it will fit in our budget. Also, it is always safe to go together.


Nevertheless, by being together, we will have a lot more fun as well.


We’ve made sure that the place we are going to stay in, needs to be safe, clean and hygienic. We are also looking forward to visiting a lot of historical places. So, if they are close by to the place we’ll be living in, it will be an added advantage to all of us.


Also, the place must be big enough for us to have fun activities. Most importantly, as we are away from home, the food should be delicious and we should have a good variety.


We know we will be learning new skills as we will be staying independently with our teachers and our friends. So, we will start practicing at home from today itself to discipline our self on brushing our teeth, taking a bath, combing our hair and folding our clothes.


Stay tuned! We have a lot more to share…

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