Bon Voyage! Part III

The day is coming closer, so, our excitement is in the air!


We are super excited to savour the delicacies of Rajasthan. There are a variety of tasty and famous food items back there in Jaipur. While we were researching in the library and on Google, we came across mouth watering dishes like dal-bati-choorma, kachoris, poori-aloo, pakoras and a variety of sweet dishes.


They all looked tasty and healthy.


The special thing about Indian food is that it is very closely related to our culture. The food is special in a way that it doesn’t have too many vegetables but still the way of cooking is really unique. It is so amazing and plenty that you won’t be able to stop yourself.


To gain more information, we visited various websites and researched extensively. The images on the internet looked tempting, we saved them into the ppt’s as well. We found that food is a major tourist attraction in Jaipur and is well, very famous.


We look forward to sharing more about the Jaipur Food once we return back from there!


Till then, Bon Appetit!


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